There is an urgent need for relationship therapy for the youth.

  • PublishedJuly 16, 2019

Relationship therapy for the youth is not common. Many youths are in a secretive romantic relationship. This is because they are scared their parents may disapprove of their relationship, citing their young age. However, this is not the only reason why most young people would rather keep mum about their romantic escapades.

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Unfortunately, shrouding their relationships in mystery puts them in both physical and emotional danger.  Do they really know how to cope with emotional problems? What really is their intention when they decide to get into relationships? What risks are they putting themselves into? There is an urgent need for relationship therapy for the youth.


It is necessary for the youth to seek counseling from older people to make sure they engage in healthy relationships. Considering they are still growing, the propensity of the youth to make quick, uninformed decisions is quite glaring. Most of them seem not to care for short and long-term consequences when in a romantic relationship.

Engaging youths psychologically

Most parents do not go out of their way to find out the nature of relationships their children are in. It is also hard for the youths to face their parents on emotional issues because of the aura or taboo. Counseling institutions ought to better their strategies in modeling the young people psychologically on how to handle emotional problems.

The story of the slain Moi Univesity student Ivy Wangechi left many in shock. This is just one story that reveals the need to dispatch relationship therapy for the youth. Another unforgotten incident is that of Emily Jelimo Ngetich, a student at Maasai Mara University who was found murdered in her room in what the police said was strangulation. It was reported that she was killed by her ex-boyfriend from Moi University, Annex campus.

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As if that is not enough, a fourth-year female student at Mount Kenya University, Teresia Roselyn Mburu confessed to killing her boyfriend by stabbing him for being unfaithful. The surging rates of murder-suicides are enough cause for worry, mainly because most of them stem from relationships gone awry.

Parents and society, in general, should openly counsel and prepare the youths for healthy relationships. It is a subject that most parents avoid, and when they discuss it, usually it is to reprimand their children.  The conversation about romantic relationships with young people should begin as soon as possible and should be had in an enabling, comfortable environment to avert future deaths.



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