Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous Tanzanian island characterised by white sandy beaches, rich Swahili culture, ancient slavery and slave trade market, Islamic traditions, old architecture and beautiful sceneries.

There is a lot to be enjoyed as different regions of the island offer unique activities. Nungwi, located at the northern part of Zanzibar, is one such area that I was privileged to explore. Sunset cruises, snorkelling, beach walks, spice markets and fishing are some popular activities tourists get to experience here.

I found the two-hour sunset cruises to be breathtaking, exciting and an opportunity to meet new people. The colour and nature of sunset and the reflection of the sun’s rays on the sea painted a fresh meaning to life.

Sunset cruises included a significant time for snorkelling and swimming in the deep-sea waters. The sight, beauty, and diversity of flora and fauna underwater were electrifying. At one point, I thought I was watching a movie. Visiting the spice markets and farms was worth every minute I spent there.

Ariel View of Nungwi beach, Photo: Courtesy

The food left the unforgettable taste in my mouth. Stone Town, otherwise known as Mji Mkongwe, was the epitome of my travel. The town, whose buildings manifest unique architectural designs, Islamic culture and Swahili dishes call for attention. The town plays host to several structures that symbolise a critical era in the African continent- slavery and the slave trade.

For your information, Zanzibar is one of the most significant former slave trade markets in East Africa. Aside from the architecture, it was exciting and at the same time depressing encountering the slavery and slave trade market sites. The chambers where slaves were kept and tortured before shipment are well maintained and monuments embodying the state of slavery have been put up.

The Anglican Christ Church Cathedral sits on the same spot the slave trade market took place. The grave of Bishop Edward Steere who built the church in 1857 is behind the altar.

He died of a heart attack before the completion of the church. Nakupenda Beach, located about 40 minutes from Stone Town, is a friendly spot for water lovers to snorkel.

So when you visit Zanzibar, be sure to explore Nungwi.