Tips for living a positive life – Inspiration

1. Turn failures into lessons We are yet to find a perfect human being. Therefore, you are bound to make mistakes and to fail in various steps of your life.

  • PublishedDecember 4, 2018

1. Turn failures into lessons

We are yet to find a perfect human being. Therefore, you are bound to make mistakes and to fail in various steps of your life. Embrace these mistakes as they are part of the success process.

When you peg your self-worth on the idea of being perfect, then it will be hard for you to live a positive life. If you hold on to failure, it will lead you to believing that success is just a myth or worse, that you are worthless. Put your value on your ability to accept and learn from your mistakes. Do not focus on how you failed but on what you will do differently when you try again.

2. Find humor in bad situations

Abraham Lincoln said, “Were it not for my little jokes, I could not bear the burdens of this office.” A good laughter will not take away your problems but neither will a river of tears. Allow yourself a minute of laughter to momentarily forget your sorrows and lift your heavy burden temporarily. Sadness and continuous wallowing on your problems is even likely to land you into a depression pit. Seize a few seconds to laugh about that ridiculously huge Kenya Power bill or losing that job that sucked. Finding humor in bad situations is easier said than done but remember this is what will help you build that positive life where you do not let your troubles weigh you down, but you laugh it off knowing that the wounds will eventually heal.

3. Begin the day with positive affirmation

When you wake up, you never know how your day will be for even well planned days sometimes take a wrong turn. However, the power of how you start your day is in your hands. Create positive affirmations that will help you overcome negative thoughts. If you have a proposal to present to your boss and you feel like you will mess it, repeat to yourself silently or loudly, “I greet this day with confidence and ease.” This affirmation will help you clear any anxiety you have.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

To borrow the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Do not let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet.” Positivity in life is a contagious thing. If you constantly hang out with people who look out for the bad in everything then that is automatically the kind of person you will be. It’s refreshing and lively spending time with people who don’t waste time and energy complaining. They know how to create their own happiness and even when you are majorly stressed they can cheer you up.

Life is definitely challenging and everyone has struggles but dwelling on them will not bring change. These positive people should be the kind that encourage you to strive for the best. Eventually you will be more positive towards that job you are trying to love, you will be more open to learning, listening and moving forward in life. Positive people are also genuine and always have their friends’ interests at heart. They are happy when your goals are met and thus will help you make the healthy decisions in your life. This is the ray of sunshine you need to live a positive life.

5. Focus on the present

Living in the present will make you feel more fulfilled. You experience life the way it is, without thinking about what you left behind or what the future holds. Carrying the past along will only give you regret about what you did or grudges to people who let you down. Letting go of all those past worries will give you a positive mental energy to focus on what is important now.

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