1. Talk about it.

Say to each other, ‘we’re in a rut’, or ‘I’m bored with the way things are now, aren’t you?’ Don’t make your partner feel they’re to blame by saying, ‘You’re boring me.’

2. Don’t get mad at each other for being honest.

Acknowledging the situation is the first step towards making a change. An angry or defensive response will only make honest communication more difficult.

3. Make non-sexual changes in the pattern of your life together.

Try doing new things together like going to eat out in restaurants, worship in church, engaging in a hobby or taking walks. Change routines. Take turns serving breakfast in bed on the weekends or have intimate dinners at home.

4. Improve your personal appearance.

New clothes, makeup, and hairstyles – all make us feel like new and improved version of ourselves. Start exercising or add something new to your regular workouts. Try and look good all the time.

5. Grow as an individual.

Couples who keep the excitement in their relationships don’t stop growing and changing. Take a course. Learn a new skill. Take up a new hobby. Read books. Make new friends. Change jobs. Give your partner something new to discover in you.

6. Add variety to your lovemaking.

Make love differently from time to time – change the timing, make love on the floor, experiment with different positions, have weekend getaways to make love and stay connected.

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