Parents magazine was launched in 1986 and celebrates continuous publication to date. It is East Africa’s premium, family and lifestyle magazine with inspiring content, relatable issues and real people.


  • Outstanding mastery of written and spoken English and Swahili.
  • To originate, select stories and provide expert coverage and analysis of topics relevant to the brand’s target audience on print and online
  • Be willing to write multiple columns at any given time both online and on print.
  • Proofreading of magazine and ensuring no mistake is allowed to pass while advising on best practises.
  • Help supervise final copy alongside team members until it goes to press.
  • Executing social media functions together with other team members.
  • Excellent independent and balanced editorial/media ethics understanding and judgement.
  • Have a good sense of spotting stories and subjects that would trend or go viral digitally in line with the brands target audiences.

*Among other responsibilities