Valentine’s Day ideas to rekindle love

Valentine’s Day ideas to rekindle love
  • PublishedJanuary 30, 2017

While love ought to be celebrated every day, some extra emphasis on Valentine’s Day is more than welcome. Some people equate Valentine’s Day to a New Year’s eve of sorts in relationships – a time to start afresh and renew your love, commitment and passion for each other. Here are some ideas on how you can rekindle love this Valentine’s.

Spend some alone time together. Today’s busy lifestyles often leave one with little or no time to simply sit and enjoy the company of their loved one. But you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day to get some quality time with your spouse or partner.

If you have kids, get the nanny to watch over them while you go out for some quiet time together. During this time, choose to keep gadgets off and pay attention to each other.

Alternatively, you can take a walk together – nothing warms the heart like a romantic walk on a warm moonlit night with the person you love. You may also consider going for a drive out of town, as this is an excellent opportunity to talk, have a good laugh together and just reconnect!

Try out an exciting outdoor experience. There are many exciting outdoor activities you can try out such as hiking. Consider an exciting adventure that will bring out the adrenaline rush such as bungee jumping or zip lining. By infusing this kind of experience into your relationship, you will be making room for novelty and variety, which is a recipe for making your relationship exciting.

Experience some candlelit dinner. You can enjoy some fine dining with your loved one in a restaurant of your choice. Go to a place whose ambience is inviting. If your budget does not allow for fine dining, try and create a romantic atmosphere in your home by setting the table with some scented candles and colourful decor.

Turn your house into a romantic getaway by filling it with good music, flowers and candles. After enjoying a candlelit dinner, you may want to sit outside and watch the moon together or even give your partner a massage and watch a romantic movie.

Enjoy a steamy evening. Although this shouldn’t be limited to just one day, Valentine’s is a good opportunity to initiate some sexy, fun activities. You can begin preparing for it by getting your body ready by exercising two weeks in advance.

In addition, you could spark your partner’s imagination by sending him racy messages prior to get him in the mood or you could surprise him at work and rush him home for dinner. Spice things up by including some playfulness in your relationship.

For instance, you could challenge your partner to a pillow fight and release the inner child in each one of you as you have some fun.

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