Waterproof your make-up

How do you get into a pool with make-up on and come out still looking fabulous? Or sweat without smudging your make-up? Not every woman can go ‘au naturel.’ Most

  • PublishedAugust 30, 2012

How do you get into a pool with make-up on and come out still looking fabulous? Or sweat without smudging your make-up? Not every woman can go ‘au naturel.’ Most women do with a little help with make-up to hide blemishes, spots and other skin conditions that rob you of a glowing skin. Thankfully, most good cosmetics offer waterproof versions of make-up so you can always have a flawless skin, no matter the weather or activity you are engaged in. The trick is to find the right make-up and apply it correctly.

Foundation and concealer

If you are not confident going completely make-up free, you will need to look for an oil-based foundation that offers a light, even coverage and won’t shift in the sun, or come out when under water. Waterproof foundations and concealers are not common to find, as most of the truly waterproof formulas are professional make-up, for covering scars rather than giving you light coverage.

However, most good make-up companies will make concealers that offer you the coverage you need, which you then seal with a mineral-based water-resistant powder foundation. You can ask a beauty therapist or a make-up professional to recommend a suitable product, but ensure you remove the make-up as soon as possible if you have oily or problem skin to avoid break-ups. Waterproof make-up can be difficult to shift, so you will need to apply it quickly and blend well before it dries up. If it is a warm day, use a light moisturiser under your base as richer, oilier versions can melt make-up.

If going under water, ensure you seal your concealer or foundation with waterproof powder. Do not use water-based foundation if coming into contact with water. If engaging in a sport where your clothes are likely to come in contact with your face, for example, when you take a golf swing, ensure you apply make-up only up to the point where clothes are unlikely to touch it, otherwise you will be walking around with a makeup stained top.

Eye colours and mascara

Waterproof mascara and lip colours are readily available. When you want your eye colours and mascara to be waterproof, for example, if you are going swimming or are likely to be in a place where emotions may run high and you are likely to shed a tear, switch your usual powder eye shadow for longer-lasting ‘soufflé’ and mouse formulas, which are silicone-based, and stick to the skin. Mousse-like textures of eye shadows make for super easy to blend and waterproof eye shadows so you can get into water without tears or even cry without stings.

You will find waterproof eye shadows and mascaras in cosmetic stores and supermarkets. If you are a mascara fan you should find it easy to get hold of your favourite brand in a waterproof formula, as they are available in plenty. Waterproof mascara should give you long, defined lashes without smudging or flaking. Waterproof mascaras are oil-free so they can make lashes dry and brittle. Only wear one if you really need to. You will also be able to get waterproof eyeliner to complete your eye-make up.

Lips and cheeks

A little blush can really brighten up sun kissed skin, but you will be hard pushed to find one that’s waterproof because they mostly come in powder form. However, there are some silicone-based ones that come as cheek stains. The silicone-based, liquid blush adds a subtle, not scary, touch of colour to cheeks when well applied. Cheek stains should stay put until you take them off with make-up remover. Be wary if you are using a stain, though. Apply just a dot first and blend it quickly with your fingertips, as it tends to dry quickly.

Stains work well on the lips, too, as they last for hours. However, it is recommended that you use a lip-gloss over the stain, as used alone it is likely to dry the lips. Lip-glosses repel water, so should be easy to re-apply but you should also look for something budge-proof. Look for one that has a waterproof formula, and preferably with sun protection factor. Cheek and lip stains are easy to blend and won’t come off until you remove with make-up remover.

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