Ways to parent a hyperactive child

Ways to parent a hyperactive child
  • PublishedOctober 28, 2021

Although most children are generally energetic, it can be a bit overwhelming when your child is hyperactive. Hyperactive children are often excited and engage in energy-intensive activities and play.

Hyperactivity in children may be a result of an underlying mental condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or a trigger of a diet, or the environment. For instance sugary foods. This eventually dies down.

The following are some tricks to help you deal with your hyperactive child.

Engage them in obstacle challenges

Redirecting the child’s energy to more constructive activities works for both of you. It ensures that their energy is spent on something constructive and you can take a break from watching them.  Be conscious of the amount of time they spend on these activities to avoid overwhelming them.

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Reassure them

Having a hyperactive child among other children may make them seem like a nuisance. Reassure your child by making them appreciate their difference and restoring their broken spirit. Also, help them establish their purpose in life at an early age to build their self-esteem.

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Make learning time short

Unlike other children, hyperactive children tends to lose focus very fast, thus making their learning process a little difficult. To make sure they get the most out of a lesson, consider making the process interactive, practical and brief.

Immediately after, allow the child to rest or play. You may be required to repeat the same lesson severally to check their understanding.

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Protect them from negative comments

Not many people will understand your child. Therefore, protecting your child from negative comments is paramount.

Some parents go to the extent of running advocacy campaigns to raise awareness around their child’s condition. This they do with the hope that the world becomes a better and understanding place for their child to thrive.

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Plan for the experience early enough so that you are not dragging your toddler from one restaurant to the next. By the time you are leaving the house, you should know where you are going.

Establish a working routine

Being able to accomplish essential things before your child gets restless is important. This can be achieved by establishing a routine that they can follow daily.

For example, you can have your child make their bed the instance they wake up, followed by brushing their teeth, then taking breakfast. You can as well slip in a critical lesson like an art class or mathematics if they are of age.

Feed them

From the knowledge of basic biology, being engaged in energy-intensive activities requires a steady supply of food to supplement the high metabolism rate. Research shows that a hungry hyperactive child is likely to become unruly. Therefore, to prevent this, keep snacks within their reach.

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Ample rest

A child that is overactive will eventually get tired. Therefore, ensure they go to bed early enough to get adequate sleep. Also, try and include daytime nap sessions in their routine.

After all is said and done, be gentle with yourself. Know that you are doing your level best considering the circumstances.  Get help from experts like doctors and trained caregivers whenever necessary. Also, learn what works with your child and be gentle with your parenting.  

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