You’ve dreamed how you want your wedding to be down to the last detail. However, when the time for implementing the ideas begin, your mother-in-law steps in from nowhere and begins calling the shots.


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Many soon-to-be brides find themselves in situations like this and do not want to relent because it is their day. However, this only makes them in loggerheads with their mothers-in-law. There are a few ways to prevent the overbearing mother-in-law from turning your wedding into hers by preventing her from enforcing her ideas.

Hire a wedding planner

One of the many duties of a wedding planner is to resolve any issues related to the wedding day. The good news is, they won’t be in your family for the rest of their lives. This means they can politely refuse some unwanted ideas from the overbearing mother-in-law and try to explain why the ideas won’t work or aren’t suitable.

They have no problem being the bad guy when the need arises. This means they can enforce your ideas and prevent the mother-in-law from taking over the wedding.


Turn to groom for help

The groom can mediate between his bride-to-be and his mother. This is because he can get away with saying things the bride-to-be cannot. The groom should sit with his mother and explain why it’s important for him and his wife-to-be to make their wedding decisions on their own.

After all, they will start their own family and will need to make major choices on their own. This is just one of the many. Just pray he is not an absolute mama’s boy because if he is, you are going to share the wedding with his mama.

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Involve the mother-in-law

Sometimes mothers-in-law may feel left out in the decision-making process and end up being overbearing, while in real sense they are only trying to make themselves heard. Involve her and ask for her opinion on certain things.

If you know the wedding dress you want and don’t want her there during the fitting, you can assign her another equally important task such as cake-tasting.


Set boundaries

Communicate the boundaries from the beginning. If you have your mind set on certain options, let it be known that the topic is not up for debate or discussion. Make it clear that your mind is set and there’s no changing it.

It is your big day after all, there’s no reason why anyone else should dictate how it should be, especially if you and your husband are the ones footing the bill.