November is upon us which means Christmas is right around the corner. The long December holidays means the kids are constantly in the house. Since this holiday is often marked with a lot of festivities, you might want to ensure your kids get the best out of their holiday and not overindulge. So exactly how much candy should your kids be having?. There are numerous approaches you can use to decide on a fair amount. This sugar-laden holiday should include fun. However, it can also be used to teach kids about setting limits and inspiring discipline.

Candy demands based on age

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to giving your children candy. According to pediatricians, the amount of candy your child should have depends on their age. Toddlers don’t really have demands when it comes to candy. It thus much easier to handle them.

Older pre school-age children however, need guidance. It is important to strike a balance between how much candy they are allowed to have and giving them free reign. Since the aim is to teach self discipline, they should learn that they can’t eat too much candy at once. It is important they know, fun in the form of candy is allowed but within reasonable boundaries.

World health organization has also weighed in on how much candy a child should have. According to their guidelines released in 2015, they recommend free sugars be less than 10% of your daily calories. Free sugars include the sugar concentrate found in fruits and fruit juice as well.

Adhering to these guidelines keeps cavities, obesity and diabetes at bay. As a result they recommend no more than 25 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar a day for children over two years. Children below 2 years should avoid consuming added sugars.

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