Why a pet is good for your child.

  • PublishedFebruary 7, 2020

You may have your own reservations when it comes to animals and more so having one in your own home. By all standards, it often feels like having another child. From the feeding, training and giving them attention, owning a pet can be involving. Ever wondered why many cartoon characters are animals though? If it appeals that much to your child, why not get them a pet for a personal touch? Here are some reasons to convince you to get that pet as a companion they will treasure for life.

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They learn responsibility

Cleaning the dog cage, feeding the fish or grooming the sheep. Pets come up with a whole list of chores that need to be done. What a better deal to strike with your child than to allocate those responsibilities to them? After all, the pet is ‘theirs’.

Children will learn and have a huge sense of responsibility when they participate in taking care of it. They learn the value of tending for something so as to maintain it.

It boosts their play-time

There is a certain joy that sparks when kids and their pets are playing. It feels like an endless burst of energy. Pets like dogs are the best when it comes to enhancing play. Labrador and golden retrievers make a great home pick especially if you don’t want a guard dog.

The dog needs to be walked and cant stay for long without mental stimulation lest they begin chewing on things. Instead of leaving your child bored with their toys (which they constantly break), get them a live pet to liven their play.


They become more empathetic

Teaching empathy is important when done early. It is a foundation for future relationships, making the difference between their good or bad social skills. A pet will make your child be in tune with their feelings. When the pet gets hurt, they hurt too and want to know how to relieve the pain.

This will make them more caring in the future. They are able to show love and concern to the pet, which they will magnify in their human relationships.

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They learn how to accommodate other people and things

Do you ever come across people who can not share anything? Let alone make space for you when in a public vehicle? Such people attach no value to accommodating others. Having a pet early solves that. Your child will have to share their space and time with another creature which teaches a lot. It becomes apparent that your child and the pet have such a knit bond, which is so incredible.

Get your child a pet and experience another side of them you never thought existed. Better yet, it will draw some attention from you as their primary playmate. Filling their days with fun, a pet will be a lifelong companion.

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