A 66-year-old widow from Bomet County decided to take matters into her own hands and repair the road leading to Tenwek Mission Hospital after her husband and son died on the same road.

Mrs. Everline Towett, whose missionary husband died in a road crash in 1997 also lost her son 17 years later in a similar circumstance on the same fatal road. She took it upon herself to prevent others from suffering the same fate as herself by deciding to fill the potholes on the road all alone.

“Since my husband died, I have largely lived an empty life of suffering. I have been thrown out of my matrimonial home and left desolate. And looking at this dangerous road, I get scared at the thought that someone else could lose their spouse and end up just like me,” she said.

The mother of two who earns her living making beads and carpets, started filling the potholes on the stretch leading to the hospital from December 12 last year. Armed with a wheelbarrow, a borrowed hammer and stones collected from the roadside, she works a few hours daily oblivious of the surprised motorist and pedestrians.

“The Bible encourages us to use our wisdom to judge situations and do the needful. I am fixing this road for all but mostly for my own sake, my joy and gratification,” she insisted.