Woman pleads with co-wife not to divorce husband

  • PublishedFebruary 16, 2018

The co-wife of a 73-year-old woman who has filed for divorce from their husband on Thursday pleaded with the woman not to terminate her marriage. Speaking in a Kangema court, Trizah Mulinge narrated how her co-wife Marcella Mukami welcomed her warmly when she got married to Peter Kinyugo as the second wife.

Trizah narrated how Ms Mukami accompanied her husband to pick her up from her place of work at Kiriai-ni Mission Hospital and drove in the family car to their matrimonial home where they shared their three-bedroom house.

She said she used to perform all the house chores because Ms Mukami was a teacher and hardly found time to attend to domestic duties.

Ms Mulinge told the court that she did not understand why her co-wife never returned to their matrimonial home once she was discharged after being sick for some time.

She said they learnt Ms Mukami was picked up by her daughter who took her away from them.


Ms Mukami has filed a divorce against her husband on grounds that he does not meet his obligations and that he neglected her when she got ill.

She argues that despite acquiring wealth together, Mr Kinyugo did not cater for her medical bills and other expenses.

Mr Kinyugo has denied the allegations, maintaining that he has been paying the bills.

Ms Mukami was not present in court as she is admitted at Nanyuki Huruma Hospital.

Lawyers from both sides will table their final submissions on April 5.


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