If we all had a shilling for every time we have heard people say they will be ejecting toxic people out of their lives, we would be buying islands and choppers. We have said it ourselves too, a few million times at least. What we have not probably said, or even realised, is that we might be the toxic people. The toxic people are us. The thing about human beings is that we are so quick and efficient in pointing out the mistakes of others without recognizing our own faults. That is not a good thing. As we take deliberate steps to purge toxic people out of our lives, we might just be the people who need to be purged out of others’ lives.

If you keep finding problems with people, at work, in your family, relationships and in your everyday interactions, perhaps it is time to look at things differently. Every body around can not be bad. You are the common denominator in all these interactions so if they are all going awry, something is definitely up.

Acknowledge your toxicity

The first step in making your life better and freeing yourself from toxicity is acknowledging that you too have some toxic traits. These traits might present themselves in the way you react to situations, the way you address people and the way you make people feel. You can not change something you do not know about, so the first step is to really self-reflect and look into your behavioural patterns. Pick out the traits that are toxic and make deliberate attempts to change them. It is not easy to admit that we are wrong, granted. However, this is a step that will make you more aware the next time you are doing something toxic, and catch yourself in time.

It is one thing to note the toxic traits, and another to change them. Even bigger than noting them, change those traits.