13 life skills your child needs before leaving home

As parents, we might find that we focus so much on providing good education and developing talents of our children, and forgetting to teach skills that our children actually need

  • PublishedMarch 2, 2020

As parents, we might find that we focus so much on providing good education and developing talents of our children, and forgetting to teach skills that our children actually need to survive in the world. Having a fulfilling life goes well beyond financial success. Even then, your children need skills to help them reach that financial success and what we refer to as “soft skills’ are actually the hardest skills to acquire and the most important when it comes to beating competition for the same resources. A fulfilling life also has to do with how one relates with other people and how they go with the flow of life. These are 12 life skills your child needs before leaving home to make their transition into society and survival easier.

Personal skills

These are the things you need to have a healthy mind and body. How will your child handle stress effectively? Do they have high self esteem? If they get angry will they be able to handle it properly? As for healthy bodies ensure they know what kind of food is good for their health. They should also be equiped to prepare said food. Work out with them even after they outgrow playing so it becomes part of their routine. Hygiene practices also constitute a healthy body and mind.

Interpersonal & communication skills

Your child has to be able to talk and listen to others. Having interpersonal skills means that you can effectively express your desires and get feedback. Teach them how to decode non-verbal communication. How well can they dress to suit different environments to control the perception people have of them? How effectively can they build a rapport regardless of where they are?

Networking skills

As a parent you must have known by now that your network really is your net worth. From a young age, your kids must know how to network and form alliances. Networking is closely tied to communication skills because they must know how to build and maintain relationships, and leverage on such relationships.

Decision making & problem solving

Things don’t always happen the way we want them to. At several points in one’s life they are bound to face hurdles. It can come from people or situations and you have to have a plan in place. Even if it is thought up right there and then. Your child will have an easier time if they are in a position to gauge a scenario and make the best decision.

Creative thinking & Critical thinking

Needs you to be able to think out of the box. Come up with new ways to tackle everyday issues. Surprisingly play brings out a lot of this in children. Introduce games that they enjoy but also give their brains some exercise. Creative outlets like art and music boost this skills. Also have a look at activities to help boost your kids creativity.

Self awareness & Empathy

A sign of emotional maturity. What makes a good person is their ability to empthise with people – feel for them as if they were walking in their shoes. When it comes to their own feelings they need to understand what they are and why they are experiencing them. That way they get to understand what drives themselves and others to act the way they do.

Assertiveness/ self control

Being a push-over makes for an emotionally unstable child. While disciplining children some parents unintentionally kill a child’s ability to stand up for themselves. They always think they are wrong or in constant need of guidance. Let them make some decisions on their own but outline behavior from them or others that is unacceptable.


Life will definitely throw your kids curve balls and they need to have the grit to go through the hard days. The suicide rates among young people are worrying, and they have partly to do with people being unable to see beyond their present hardships. Teach your kids that there will be tough times, and nurture in them the ability to ask for help when they are stuck.

Study skills

Passing exams in school is great but it needs to be more than cramming. This will come in handy when they need to study further as adults or acquire new business skills. Kids need to look at studying more  positively than something they’re forced to do.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation ties into decision making.- it requires levelheadedness and patience. Your kids need to know how to get the best deals. Negotiation will come handy in seeking salaries, promotions, partnerships, and even in their relationships. If you do not know how to negotiate, you will always feel like others are taking advantage of you.


Not only encompasses keeping a job but also applying and getting through the interviews. So before they leave the house they should know how to accord respect to their seniors, work to their best capacity, amass useful skills so they are indispensable to their firms and be on time. Running errands, doing chores and school work helps you see where they are with this.

Leadership skills

Being bossy and being a leader are two very different things. Any organization would highly appreciate someone who can take charge and give good results. Encouraging your children to take up leadership positions is school puts them in the right trajectory. At home you can delegate some duties to teach them this. They can look after their siblings while you are away for practice. Workshops also exist for this so sign them up for a few during the holidays.

Parenting skills

Anyone can get kids but they can’t all parent. Arm your children with tools that will set them apart so you create a continuum of good parenting that goes across generations. There is no instruction manual that all of us can use and it’s a gradual learning process. So it is something that will be ongoing and having your guidance as a parent is important.

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