13 things you don't really need for your budget wedding

  • PublishedSeptember 26, 2019

Weddings are expensive ventures, without a doubt. For this reason, most couples have elected to not have a wedding at all. All the same, if you really wish to have a wedding, a small budget should not deter you. The trick is to cut out unnecessary costs, like these 13 things you don’t really need for your budget wedding, and save up for a proper honeymoon.

Chair covers

Unless the chairs look really bad, you don’t really need covers for them. Look at how great these chairs look, even without covers.

Source: Chair Hire Co

Source: Wedding Bee Boards

Expensive cake

Source: Pinterest

Cakes sure take up a huge chunk of the wedding budget. The more complicated, the more expensive. You do not have to go overboard with this one. Also, avoid purchasing cakes from those high end wedding bakeries. Instead, approach bakers who are just starting out or friends and relatives who can bake. You will save a lot of money that way.

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Wedding planner

While wedding planners are very convenient for a stress-free wedding, most do not come cheap. You might have to wing it with the help of your friends and relatives.

Designer shoes

For things that can be barely seen beneath the usually long, flowy gowns, bridal shoes can be very expensive. Wear good, comfortable shoes for that day, just do not spend a fortune on them.

Hiring expensive cars

Leave the expensive limos and other high-end luxury vehicles out of your wedding entourage. You can instead have friends and relatives provide theirs for the day.

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Wedding gifts to each other

It is a nice gesture to exchange wedding  gifts with your spouse, but when push comes to shove in terms of budget, maybe it is best to leave them out. After all, you are becoming husband and wife – that in itself is a biggest gift.

Wedding favours

Much as you would like to show your appreciation for your wedding guests, do not  splurge on expensive wedding favours. Handwritten thank-you notes are just fine. Plus providing food at the end of the wedding is good enough appreciation.

Full-course meals

Source: Ben Kiruthi, wedding photographer

Speaking of food, you do not have to provide full course meals for your wedding guests. This is a touchy issue, we know, since the highlight of most Kenyan weddings is the reception and food. If your budget can allow it, that is fine. But if you money is tight, do not kill yourself, surely. You can have drinks and good snacks served. Those Coastal bites (bhajias, vitumbua, mishkaki, mahamri, viazi karai, haluwa, kaimati ) are especially a hit for so many people, they will love them when served with enough drinks.


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Live band

They sure make a wedding lively, but this is something you can do without.

Champagne toast

Champagne isn’t cheap! Why not try white wine or sparkling wine?

Weekend wedding

Weekends, especially Saturdays, are the most convenient wedding days for most people. Because of their popularity, the venues are more expensive on these days. Wedding vendors are also busier then and they will charge a premium for their services. If you can have a wedding mid-week do it.

An expensive wedding dress

Source: Momo Africa

You will still have a wedding even if you buy a wedding dress off-the-rack, it does not hurt. Avoid overly expensive dresses. Alternatively, you can hire one.

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Bridal shower

Try as much as possible not to break the bank on the bridal shower or bachelorette party.


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