Kenyatta University students have expressed discontent after the administration recently issued a directive that would bar students with fee arrears from vying for student leadership. This however did not augur well with the students, who have voiced their discontent. Word of this quickly reached Kenyans who oppose the move as well.

Previous election problems

Kenyatta University has had problems during the election period before. On October 2014, students demonstrated and burnt property, all thanks to to elections. Five years later the school finds itself in a similar predicament. Although there are no signs of intent to engage in mass action, such matters have often quickly escalated and turned violent.

Kenyans reaction

Kenyans online have thrown their weight behind the affected Kenyatta University students. In fits of rage, various people took to social media to condemn this directive. Kenyans have gone on to term it as a cruel and malicious way to tread on the poor. They went on to lament about the way the poor are treated in Kenya

Aspiring student leaders also expressed their disappointment as they had toiled for years to ensure they had good grades. This is because to qualify for a seat one has to have good grades.

As events continue to unfold, Kenyans stand firm in the principle that you do not have to be wealthy to be a leader.

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