A checked blazer is the smartest style investment you can make because it adds some class to your outfit. If you want to look put together yet elegant, throw in a checked blazer. Blazers are still super trendy either as separate or part of a suit.

5 ways to wear boots to work
How to wear boots to workThe rainy season is upon us yet again and it calls for us to stay warm. Thatshould not however be to the detriment of your personal style. Today we look athow you can wear boots to work and still appear professional and not earn araised eyebrow from your boss. Boots come…

Here are four ways to style your checked blazer.

1.With a black top and heels

Pair up your checked blazer with a black top, slim-fit trouser, official or casual and style it with a good pair of heels.

2.With a dress

Invest in a checked blazer that accentuates the shape of your body. Wear your checked blazer over a formal dress - knee-length or long.

3.Over a sweater

A navy blue blazer and a sweater are a tested combination that you need when you are running late. Finish your outfit with a sleek, low cut sneakers for a sporty, chic outfit.

4.Oversized and buttoned up with mum jeans

Pair it with a turtle neck or t-shirt of your preferred colour depending on the shade of your jeans and blazer.

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