5 ways to wear boots to work

  • PublishedJanuary 14, 2020

How to wear boots to work

The rainy season is upon us yet again and it calls for us to stay warm. That should not however be to the detriment of your personal style. Today we look at how you can wear boots to work and still appear professional and not earn a raised eyebrow from your boss. Boots come in different colours and lengths to suit your preference.  Here are ways to style your boots without upsetting your dress code:

Get boots in neutral colours

Blacks, browns and navy blues are easy to incorporate into your official wardrobe. Avoid shiny patent leather . Go for soft matte colours. They are likely to go with the clothes you already have and won’t bring unwanted attention to you.

Ankle length is the way to go

These are easy to pair with both pants and skirts. Knee length boots can make you look like a jockey when paired with pants. You can pair them with a skirt long enough to cover your knees. Thigh-high boots on the other hand are not ideal for ultra-formal office spaces.

The simpler the better

Go for boots with simple but cute styles. Too many buckles look too gothic, and fur embellishments are too wintery. They might result in you not being taken seriously. Wear them with cropped pants or culottes so they can be in full view. A Chelsea boot is always a safe and stylish bet.

Watch your heel height

Six-inch heel boots, even if you are able to walk in them, are not suitable for the office. This is because they force you to move slowly when you would otherwise navigate your work space easier. Flat or lower heeled boots look and feel better on the legs. Check out more tips here

Comfort is key

While getting a comfortable heel length you should also get a pair that doesn’t pinch. Be sure to invest in a comfortable and durable pair that will serve you for long. Don’t be swayed by trends and ignore this important factor.

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