One would think dating East Africa’s top music mogul is like living a fairy tale. But as Tanasha Donna now reveals, it is anything but. The radio host and singer took to her Instagram to vent her frustrations that arise from dating Diamond who lives in the public eye, while she prefers remaining closed.

I’m at a stage in life where by I am transitioning and I’m transitioning really fast and so many things are happening simultaneously. There’s so much pressure I’m undergoing at the moment. You know 2019 was a good year for me but a very tough year. A lot of negativity, a lot of judgement, a lot of hate coz I happen to date this public figure who’s out there and you know when something is new to people and people are used to something for so long, and they see something new and they are not used to it, they tend to judge a lot and they are highly opinionated in your life, in your business.

People are not used to the fact that I’m a private person. I’m a public figure who enjoys her personal privacy and her personal life. I’d rather have my craft and my talent be the clout, be the kiki like they call it but my personal life, my family, my mother, my cousins, my son, my personal business is my personal business. People were not used to that, people were used to trending for the wrong or right reasons, people were used to constant clout, constant controversy and the fact that I was not about that made people not like me,” said the mum of one.

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Too simple

She took a hit on people who dismissed her for being too simple, just because Diamond’s other love interests had shared with the public intimate details of their lives. While this frustrated her, it has fueled her drive to do better.

Constant judgement like oh how can you date such a girl she’s too simple, she’s too this or that. I went through a really difficult period having to endure and deal with all of that and even when I decided to close myself from all that negativity it somehow ended up being shoved right in my face and it got to a point I said you know what, I’m gonna focus and prove this muther*****rs wrong. Let me show them what I’m capable of, let me work on my projects, let me work on my EP let my projects be the clout,” Tanasha Donna concluded. 

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