Covid has indeed backtracked family life world wide. Children are now forced to stay at home with their parents due to the almost one year break. Getting your kids to keep up with school work during this time can be a difficult task. According to Robert Jenkins, UNICEF's Globall Chief of Education, the following are tips to keep your kids learning during the pandemic break

Plan a routine together

Have a sit down with your kid and plan a routine using available learning materials such as their books, online classes, TV or Radio programes. Plan with them when they can have a lesson or two and when to take breaks.

Although your kids may find it impossible to follow a learning routine, be patient with them. Always be sure to adjust your routine according to your kid's abilities. Remember to put into cosideration factors such as their concentration span.

Have open conversations

Be free with your kids during this times. This will help you keep track of what is really going on in their minds. Show them that they can always talk to you about anything. Make them aware that it is completely okay to feel scared during such times. Take advantage of random momments to stress pointers such as the importance of washing hands every time and practicing hygienne.

Try not to dismiss their concerns when they approach you. Children have different ways of responding to stress. Give them your full attention as they explain themselves.

Take your time

Again, practice patience with your kids. Remember, this is not a routine they are used to. If your aim is a 35- 40 minutes class time, start with 10 minutes then build upfrom there. In addition, include excercise breaks in between to keep them active.

Monitor their online activities

While they need the internet for learning, playing and even connecting with their friends, their online safety is also at risk. Make rules with them on what they can or cannot do on the internet. For the youung ones, have parental controls where necessary.

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Stay in touch with their education facility

Be sure to keep in touch with your kid's teachers so that you are fully informed. Ask questions and guidance on how to go about with the lessons. Parenting groups can also be a nice platform to provide you with tips on homeschooling.