Conversation starters can be a good way to get your children into conversations. They are a good way to get to know what is in their minds. This way, parenting becomes better and way easier. You can use them during those long car rides, during dinner or simply when you want to have a really good laugh. Here are some starters to get your kids talking

Knowing your child better

Asking your kid about their emotions, dreams and value may give you an insight into the human being you are really raising. Knowing them at deeper levels may be a guideline on what to work on in your child or better yet, you may be grateful for the grown ups they are becoming. Here are some starters for this:

  1. Who is your best friend?
  2. What traits do you look for in a friend?
  3. What do you think is the most important quality a person can have?
  4. What do you think about how other kids dress in these days?
  5. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Developing mental strength

We all want our kids to know and understand that just as we have physical health, we also have mental health. However, starting up a conversations geared towards the topic may be difficult for you simply because you may feel you do not have enough knowledge on the topic. Truth is, that is your kid and you have an upper hand at understanding them better. Here are starters to help you with this:

  1. What feeling do you think is most uncomfortable? Fear, embarrassment, anger or something else?
  2. How do you face your fears?
  3. What are some of the things you tell yourself when your brain tells you things are too negative to be true? For example "You will not succeed in this"

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Enhancing family relationships

It is essential to make your kids feel like an important member of the family. Getting to know what they really think about being part of the family is equally important. This is because, as they grow, they get exposed to other families, apart from their own. Either families of their friends or just random ones they come across on TV. Here are starters to get your kids talking about your family

  1. What is your favorite thing about our family?
  2. What is your favorite family tradition?
  3. Do you think the discipline and consequences in our family are fair?
  4. What should we do more of as a family?
  5. What do you like most about your siblings?
Connecting better with you child