5 ways to make bath time enjoyable for toddlers

5 ways to make bath time enjoyable for toddlers
  • PublishedJuly 13, 2021

At this stage in a child’s development, they are curious about their surrounding and prefer to be allowed the freedom to explore it. Therefore, bath times come as an interruption to their rather ‘busy’ schedule. They are likely to retaliate if the experience is not as pleasant to their liking. That is why it is important to incorporate the following steps in their bath time to increase their willingness to take part in it:

1. Add toys

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The best way to make sure this time does not turn into a tag of war is by providing a distraction. The best distraction can be achieved by providing the child a toy they are attached too. There are several water proof toys that you can incorporate such as the popular rubber duck which you can easily dry afterwards. Additionally, you can demonstrate how to blow bubbles out of the bubble maker so they can make an attempt as well.

2. Do not interrupt an established routine

It is quite easy to establish a trend when it comes to raising children. There is a time they are actively involved in play, nap time, and feeding. Therefore substituting one of these activities for a less pleasant one like bathing is a serious cause for distress among children. To avoid this, establish and stick to a routine that involves bath time unless under inevitable circumstances.  

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3.Talk to them/ make jokes

Make small talk with them in order to establish a friendly environment during bath time. This is normally seen as punishment among toddlers therefore, it is critically important to dilute the tension by introducing an alternative mentality. Use all the tricks under the sun that tickle their fancy just so they forget the ‘ordeal’ they are about to undergo.

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4.Have a warm towel nearby

You should cover your child immediately after ejecting them from a warm basin of water. Have all your things on standby instead of rushing to get a towel after they are out of the bath water.

5.Bath them from a warm room

A warm room that is free from wind will make bath time more pleasant and enjoyable. It is this simple.

In light of this, it goes without saying, the way to a child’s bath willingness is ensuring you treat them like the kings and queens they are.

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