Constipation happens when a person experiences discomfort and difficulty during bowel movement. In extreme cases, constipation can be so serious that you  will need urgent medical attention. Here are 6 remedies for constipation.


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Increase fiber intake

Although it is not an immediate treatment of constipation, daily consumption of fiber will help curb any future cases of constipation. Fiber works by cleaning your digestive tract, picking up any waste from the stomach and soaking up water. This, then makes your food bulky and this density gives your digestive muscles a firm grasp to move stool painlessly.

Ensure you consume foods rich in fiber like vegetables, grains, cereals and legumes. Go for at least 20- 35 grams of fiber each day for maximum benefits. If you are struggling to incorporate natural fiber into your diet, try taking fiber supplements. With this knowledge, keep in mind that the more fiber you consume the more water you should take.

Lemon Water

This is one of the easy-to-make home remedy for constipation. The citric acid in lemon water acts as a laxative that flushes toxins in the digestive tract. It also acts as a stimulant for the digestive system. The Vitamin C in lemons helps in indigestion, and is a natural remedy ensuring easier passage of waste.

Combining lemon juice extracts with water will make drinking water easier keeping you hydrated on a regular. Add honey to lemon water for a sweeter taste if you can’t stand the sour taste

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Healthy fats

Healthy fats in nuts, avocados and olive oil are good for the body and help to lubricate the intestine curbing constipation. Incorporate them in your diet by making a vegetable salad with avocados, leafy greens, and an olive oil dressing.


Taking some caffeine is good for your digestive muscles. Make sure to drink more water when taking coffee to avoid dry stool that can make constipation worse. Coffee also has small amounts of soluble fibers that balance the bacteria in the gut.

This caffeinated drink is a diuretic making it great to clean your whole system. It also helps to accelerate bowel movement  by stimulating the colon.

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Castor oil

This oil acts as a laxative cleansing and stimulating both the large and small intestines keeping them in notion. Castor oil will get you results in about eight hours so take one or two teaspoons of castor oil on an empty stomach.

Sometimes the aroma of castor oil can be so strong making it hard for some people to take it directly. If this is the case add a teaspoon of the oil to either milk, water or juice

Drinking herbs

Both ginger root and peppermint are herbs that have been proven to help relieve constipation. Ginger root is a herbal laxative that stimulates digestion by strengthening the stomach in all aspects of digestion. Ginger tea acts as a subtle appetite stimulant by generating the body with heat that speeds up slow digestion promoting bowel activity.

Peppermint on the other hand helps to relax muscles of the gut allowing easier passage of food . It contains menthol that contains both carminative and antispasmodic properties that ensure smooth movement of bowel. Take both peppermint and ginger tea twice in a day for better passage of bowel