7 eyebrow mistakes you keep making

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the eyebrows frame them. They are the first thing on your face that show your emotions. Having shoddily drawn on brows

  • PublishedMarch 2, 2020

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the eyebrows frame them. They are the first thing on your face that show your emotions. Having shoddily drawn on brows gives a bad first impression. It not only tells people your make up skills are questionable, and cast aspersions on your personality. It is harsh but people don’t get to see you first twice. Your friends might not be able to bring themselves to tell you, but if you fall under any of these categories you’re doing your eyebrows wrong.

Excessive tweezing

Many women can attest to getting tweezer happy especially in front of a magnifying mirror. By the time they stepped back to get a good look it was too late. They had taken too much off. This can happen whether you’re a blading or waxing girl as well.

The key is to pluck just enough to have a clean look where you’d still look like you. Your brows come with their own shape which you should just follow. Some women even opt to leave their brows as they are. Which is far better than plucking till it looks like they were scorched off.

Wrong brow pencil shade

Happens when you use the wrong products for your complexion. It could be the wrong colour or consistency. Brown usually works for most women. The intensity however varies depending on your skin tone. Deeper skin tones can get away with black. Get a pomade or brow pencil that’s just slightly lighter than the hair on your head. That way you have room to pile it on till you achieve the right shade.

Avoid waxy pomades because they don’t give the most natural of looks. Do not forget to blend the brow. The beginning of your eyebrow should be lighter than the arch and tail end for a soft appearance.

Unflattering brow shape

Eyebrow trends are the usual cause of this. In the twenties we had pencil thin brows and recently we got the nike tick ones. Those are nice for funny photos but that’s where it should stop. Facial symmetry is crucial for expression of emotions.

Nobody has straight, squiggly or brows that form a bow. Holding a straight object like a brow pencil or ruler to your nose shows the proper guideline. The shape of your face also greatly determines your the shape. Click here for guide to perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Sisters not twins

Your left and right brows are not identical. Just like your eyes, hands, legs or anything that comes in twos on you. That’s where the saying they are sisters not twins comes from. Drawing or filling them in identically puts one brow at a disadvantage. Each one has its own personality and you should bring that out.

Misplacing the arch

Most people place their arches either too high or too low. A low arch gives a furrowed look. One that’s too high makes you seem shocked or stuck up. Shaping your eyebrows is very much like geometry. So much like geometry, being off even by a few degrees messes your whole facial symmetry.

Ensure you have a steady hand and no distractions when dealing with your brows to avoid this problems. Adhere to the guidelines nature gave you for free.

Using brow stencils

If your left and right brows can’t be the same then surely manufactured templates are not the way to go. Millions of women cannot have the same eyebrow shapes. So don’t count of these even if they make you take a shorter time on your makeup routine. You should not rush perfection. You will become a pro because of the constant practice. All you have to do is give yourself some time.

Gettin them done at the wrong place

Going to the wrong eyebrow tech can ruin your expression for weeks. That will also transfer to your mood and how you treat people so why risk it. Salons and nail bars offer tweezing services under one roof so it can be quite tempting.

It is recommended that you have just one or two people who handle your brows. Professionals that you have tried and tested. Switching these people up can really mess you up so it is best to be careful.

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