The Government released a statement today rubbishing the purported audio of a press briefing on social media that claims there are confirmed Corona virus cases in Kenya. Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has clarified via a press release that there are no confirmed cases of corona virus in Kenya. This he did via his tweeter page. The fake audio doing rounds on social media alleges that corona virus has been confirmed in four major cities in Kenya. The Government has said the audio is misleading.


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“This FAKE news is alarmist, inciteful and its sole purpose is to cause fear and spread panic to the public. The public is advised to IGNORE these fake rumours and only respond to statements from formal government channels,” part of the statement read.

Moreover, the fake audio insists there are three confirmed Covid-19 cases in Kenya. In the video, the person explains that four major towns have been affected namely; Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa as a result of the transit routes, human traffic and activities carried out in the major cities.

“I want to let you know that all of us are at risk of being infected with the disease because so far there’s been no cure or vaccine that has been discovered yet. We want to assure you that all measures have been out by the government to ensure there is no further spread of the disease.” The individual said.

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No confirmed corona virus cases in Kenya

However, the statement from the government emphasized that there are no confirmed or reported cases of the virus. It stressed that the impersonation of government officials is a serious crime with serious consequences.

“There have been NO reported cases of COVID 19 in Kenya. The government wishes to remind the public that it is a criminal offense to impersonate government officials. It is also a crime to spread malicious and alarmist statement through social and digital channels.” The statement read.

Moreover, the government gave the proper channels of communication that will be used to give updates on corona virus. They include the Cabinet secretary for Health or the Government Spokesperson or their appointed people.

The individual in the video advised people to avoid the spread of the virus through such actions as; regular hand-washing with soap or ash, avoiding close contact with people who may have flu like symptoms. He also advised Kenyans to avoid handshaking, kissing or hugging people with flu-like symptoms.

The fake audio has been forwarded to the directorate of criminal investigations. Consequently, the culprits will be identified, arrested and prosecuted.