Here is why he is taking too long to propose

  • PublishedMarch 3, 2020

He claims to love you and you’ve been dating for a few years now. Moreover, couples that started dating after you have gotten married and even have kids. You love him and he says he does too. He has you thinking about vows, a house and kids – yet your guy won’t just bend the knee and pop the question. Is the waiting getting too frustrating? Here are some reasons why he is taking too long to propose!



He’s not ready

A man may not be ready to propose or get married because he’s not ready for the responsibilities that come with being someone’s husband. He may also not be emotionally ready to take that step. Perhaps he has heard from his married friends that marriage is weeping, mourning and gnashing of teeth and he does not want to go that direction just yet.

Some men are scared of the lifelong commitment and may need more time than necessary to evaluate and see whether this is really what they want for themselves.

He’s getting the wife package

If you are already living with him, you are giving him everything and catering to his every need, why would he want to take the next step? Men will propose if they believe they will get something more if they advance the relationship to marriage level. However, if he knows he’s already getting everything you can offer, he may be reluctant to propose.

You’re not ‘wife material’

Most men have an idea of the kind of woman they want, just like women know what they would like in a husband. Sometimes men may date a woman because she is a good girlfriend. However, they may not see you as a good wife for them.

Maybe they have noticed some  qualities you possess that they may not prefer in a wife. In which case, he might just be dating you until their ‘right’ one comes along.


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Getting his finances in order

Some men want  to be financially stable before marrying. We must be honest, the whole engagement, dowry, wedding thing can sometimes be accompanied by huge expenses.

If he feels he is not liquid enough to sustain a marriage, and his ideal time is when he’s financially stable, the proposal may take a backseat for years.

He doesn’t believe in marriage

Some men don’t want to be married at all. They are content in settling down with a woman, having kids and chasing their dreams. They don’t think marriage is necessary or believe the signing of papers will change anything. These types of men will just settle down and stay without ever proposing.

It is good to know what someone believes in first before choosing to pursue a long term relationship with them.

Coming from dysfunctional homes

If their parents and all marriages they witnessed while growing up gave them the impression that marriage does not work, they might avoid it. They may be content just dating  but will quickly turn down all talks of marriage.

He is just not that into you

Maybe, he just does not like you enough to propose or want to settle down. It is harsh, we know, but also true. If you are really doing your best for that relationship but the guy just does not want to settle, he may not be feeling the same as you do.

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