Is cellulite stopping you from betting that bathing suit you’ve always wanted? It might not just be your body refusing remedies. Cellulite is the name given to fat under the skin that makes your skin dimple and develop nodes. This is a problem often seen in women after puberty. Some things you are doing are making it persistent. Read on to find out what they are.

The food you eat

Fatty foods increase the appearance of those dips in your hips. If you hope to get rid of your cellulite then you must get on a healthy path. Ditch the fries and pizza for leafy green veggies, fruit and nuts. Substituting red meat for white meat, especially oily fish will do the trick. Avocado is also a good fat that doesn’t cause orange peel skin.

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Drinks with excess sugar

Sodas and those 6 tea spoons of sugar you add to your tea won’t let you succeed. Fat loves sugar. Drink more water instead. For that sugary taste, drink natural fruit juice instead. Look into smoothie recipes and get a bottle to carry it around for when you get hungry or thirsty.


Your job can have you sitting for many hours of the day but you should get on your feet. Get up early and sneak in some workout time. Start slow with walking for short distances than taking the car. Eventually you should be able to work your way up to jogging and running. If possible get a gym membership and trainer to help you effectively lose the pounds.

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Not watching your portions

Eating the right food in wonderful but everything has its limits. In a bid to compensate for all the junk food you have to stop eating you can be unknowingly still adding weight. A nutritionist can help you figure out how much of everything needs to go on your plate.

Foregoing gynecologist visits

Your problem is trying to lose the weight but some reproductive issues can be in the way of that. You might have an ovarian or uterine tumor. Don’t be alarmed because it comes with other symptoms that regular gynecologist visits can catch fast. The kind of birth control you take can in some cases be causing the weight gain. Your doctor should be able to prescribe the best one for you.


Sleeping for less than the recommended amount of time messes with your entire flow. You’ll begin to make poor eating decisions because you’re too busy to get a healthy meal. You find yourself snacking on a bunch of things that don’t help your case. A lack of good sleep causes other health issues so try as much as you can to get 6-8 hours of daily sleep.

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