7 tips for a first time dad

With the arrival of a newborn, a first time dad can have such a hard time adjusting to the new duties bestowed upon him. If you don’t have the necessary

  • PublishedFebruary 5, 2020

With the arrival of a newborn, a first time dad can have such a hard time adjusting to the new duties bestowed upon him. If you don’t have the necessary grit and tools for the perfect balance, you’ll end up drained and flustered. Below are guidelines to keep you on the right track;

Fill in any gaps

You can’t necessarily do everything that has to be done in one day . If the baby is finally here, take a breather and enjoy this new gift. As mommy to your newborn baby has just delivered, she will need some time to recover.

The best you can do is try and fill any loopholes around from; changing diapers, bathing and rocking the baby to sleep or when they are crying. This will ensure she recovers fully and quickly.

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Dealing with crying

A baby’s cry is like an alert and it can be very distressing especially for first time dads. The most confusing bit is that a newborn’s cry doesn’t normally mean the same thing. To try and stop your newborn from crying you could sway them gently accompanied by long shushing sounds. A child crying can get you very irritated if you are not patient, so try to be as calm as possible when he or she cries.

Share responsibilities

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This is the test of all times. Responsibilities come with a lot of pressure . It is advisable to share  responsibilities in the early weeks of sleepless nights before getting into a routine. One of the responsibilities can be bottle feeding of expressed milk or formula.

For the most intimate connection, open your shirt for skin-to -skin contact while bottle feeding. Be there when the newborn cries and help the baby’s mom as much as possible as she needs rest. Try to be as understanding and considerate as possible.

Help is okay

The tension can intensify especially for the first two to three weeks. Don’t shy from calling for assistance at any point from your close family and friends. They could help cook meals, do laundry and even change the baby’s diaper. Although you have been given the biggest responsibility don’t decline any chances of you resting as well. Acknowledge the fact that you are a new dad and you are learning in the job.

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Dealing with friends and family

Friends and family can add to the pressure if there are no ground rules set on visiting the newborn. If both you and your partner can’t host guests yet, it’s okay to say no or postpone politely and suggest another day.

Take control and be the one to deal with the issue firsthand, they will understand. If visitors want to come see the newborn they should not stay for so long unless you want them to; and should try and bring some food with them.

Talk to your partner

This should be the first tip to the right direction as a new dad. Your partner, who is your best friend, is the most important person to listen to once the baby arrives. Both of you should be able to air your fears and concerns during this time. Together you will be able to meet in the middle on all levels. Raising a newborn isn’t as easy so take a day at a time.

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Establish a routine

Having a routine will  make the days and nights less unbearable. This as well is a process that requires consistency and patience. As a dad don’t get frustrated if your kid hasn’t adopted to your night time sleep routine. Instead wait for the kid to establish their routine and adjust to it.

A tip to ensuring your kid learns to soothe themselves to sleep is to to lay them while they’re sleepy and not when they’re asleep.


Most men admit that the arrival of their kids make them even more aware of their economic situation and their ability to provide for their families. While you may have to now work harder, do not let it prevent you from enjoying the joys of fatherhood. Your baby will only be little for a short time, soon they will grow and you will not be able to carry them so easily. Revel every moment of it.

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