We apply for internships to gain as much experience as possible in our desired career paths. However, everyone’s ultimate goal is to get employed and start earning a reliable income. While you may have your eyes on a bigger company or role in the future, there’s no harm in trying to get permanent employment where you are if you are certain it will enable you to grow beyond your wildest imaginations. Below are ways you can turn your current internship into a permanent employment.

Work extra hard

Hard work is easily noticeable. Whichever projects you do, produce the best results possible. Stand out by being very diligent. Producing excellent results may ensure you get noticed by the leaders and top executives of the company. At the end of the day, you should let your high quality work speak for you. There’s no way they would let a person who adds great value to their organization walk away.

Be proactive

Do not wait to be told what to do and when to do it, take initiative! If you have already completed the recommended amount of work for the day, assign yourself some more and make yourself useful around the office. If you are really passionate about the job, you can volunteer to go on field assignments with the seniors and learn how things are conducted on the ground. Don’t be in your comfort zone if you want to climb the ladders. Nothing ever grows in the comfort zone.

 Learn to multitask

The people who are excelling in this digital era are people who can do multiple tasks. They have expertise in different fields and can do whatever tasks assigned to them. Learn all the relevant skills in your business.

The good thing is that nowadays skills can be learnt on YouTube. Subsequently, if you can blend in all the departments like a chameleon, you will be indispensable.

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Observe obvious codes of conduct

Come on time, dress according to the dressing code of that organization and observe all protocol. In contrast, if you appear looking shabby you may spoil the image you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Also interact with the other staff while carrying out your day to day duties and they may put in a good word for you in the future. Moreover, they may connect you to other opportunities in the same line of work.

Apply for vacancies

If there are open vacancies in that organization, do not shy from applying for the positions. Just send out your resume and if you were amazing as an intern and made a memorable impression on the leaders, you may be considered.

In other words, an internship can turn into something great if utilized to the fullest.