8 Weight loss tips from Amina Mude

8 Weight loss tips from Amina Mude
  • PublishedSeptember 8, 2021

Other than being the wife to renown news anchor Ben Kitili, Amina Mude is a public figure in her own right. Her fame comes from her passion on fitness and health matters, and the couple graces the September issue of Parents as they share how they are navigating the unique aspects of their public relationship.

Given her weight loss journey, she has kept her followers online updated on her weight loss journey and often shares advice on fitness, wellness, and living healthy through her routines and helpful recipes.

Drawing from her engaging Instagram platform, here are some helpful weight loss tips for common challenges regarding losing weight:

Starting your weight loss journey

There is no day you will ever be ready, and you might always find excuses to start another time. Just start now, today, with what you have and what you can do. Start with something like your diet today. With baby steps, you will be better along the way.

Struggling with commitment

Weight loss is an everyday task and it can’t happen overnight. You have to push yourself every single day. When you ‘fall’ pick yourself up fast and get back on track. Small daily habits gradually become part of who you are.

Sometimes, all you need is someone to remind you of the goal. Find an accountability partner who will always keep you in check.

Losing tummy fat

Tummy fat is all about your diet. It’s hard to use tummy workout, or any workout whatsoever to outshine a bad diet. Once your diet is clean, then you can tone down using exercise.

Cutting junk and sugar

Replace unhealthy foods with healthier options. Also, try fasting. It will be hard at first but your body will eventually switch from craving those foods to burning your fat for fuel.

Healthy diet plan for weight loss
A good nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy meals anddoing simple physical exercises can help you reach and maintain a healthyweight. Take time to exercise your body for your overall health as you focus onimproving your diet plan. However, combining exercise with a poo…

Constant eating

Try and avoid snacking, then once you’ve mastered the art, reduce your portions, especially carbohydrates. Replace these with healthy fats and also aim to eat quality proteins which help in satiety.

Eating wheat products

If you can do away with wheat, the better. Start by reducing the portions. For example, if you are used to eating four chapatis, reduce them to three, then two, and eventually, one. You could also reduce the number of times you consume wheat. If you cook chapatis twice a week, narrow this down to once a week.

Alternatively, replace wheat flour with a gluten-free option. Oat flour and Almond flour are great examples!

How to know if you’re stress eating and how to stop
Biochemically ,stress eating is when your body is eating because of the stress-response hormone Cortisol that triggers cravings for pleasure or for sweet or salty indulgent foods.

Dealing with period cravings

Eat more proteins and fibers so that you feel full longer during your menses. Plan and prepare for these days.  Carry healthy snacks such as nuts to snack on when the hunger kicks in and meal prep to avoid eating just anything. Remember to be gentle with yourself, it’s part of being a woman.

Portion control

Start by changing the size of your plate to smaller ones. Half of your plate should be vegetables, then proteins. Try to eat very little carbohydrates. Drink a glass of water thirty minutes before eating. When eating, do so slowly. It usually takes 20 minutes for your brain to register the food in your stomach. Hence if you eat fast, you will end up over eating.


When battling with over eating due to anxiety and depression, first, identify the problem and give yourself time to heal. Then, you can deal with the over eating. Seeing a professional on this issue will also help a lot.

Get a  copy of the September issue of Parents magazine to know more about Amina Mude and her family.

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