A marriage designed to last

  • PublishedJune 20, 2014

Recently married accountants, Fernandis Njenga Mungai, 27, and Georgina Njeri Njenga, 25, initially had different perspectives on marriage but their views merged after getting to know each other well and finally making the decision to tie the knot. They share a story of great love and their resolution to make their marriage work with LAURA KIBIRU. 

“Many people are so cynical about marriage these days. I think the media is hugely responsible for the misconception than marriages no longer last. We believe our marriage will work, no matter what,” say Georgina and Fernandis in unison. “We want to be an example to our friends and society at large that marriages do last,” says Georgina with great conviction.


The couple met in June 2008 at Pinnacle School of Business in Nairobi, where they were both evening accounting students. “On the first day of examinations Georgina got into the examination room I was in, which was the wrong one for her. Noticing that she seamed lost I offered to assist her, ” Fernandis recalls as his wife shakes her head feigning disagreement.

After that encounter they bumped into each other severally in the college library and eventually ended up as friends. “I admit I was the one who asked for his number because I enjoyed his company. He was like my younger brother,” says Georgina as the couple laughs heartily.

Fernandis was drawn to Georgina’s bubbly disposition, but the two were worlds apart. He was a born-again-Christian while she was very much into the secular world. “Our views about marriage and life in general were totally different,” says Fernandis.

With time Georgina slowly turned her life around. “I decided to change my lifestyle because I was tired of it and I admired Fernandis’s lifestyle,” she explains. With her transformation, the couple started dating and got engaged on September 30, 2011, on Georgina’s birthday. “It was an amazing day. I immediately changed my status update on Facebook,” she recalls as she looks at her ring.

Wedding plans…

“Do you know he couldn’t pick me out from a line-up of ladies during my dowry negotiations!” she exclaims. “ I had to call his name for him to recognise me,” she adds. This is a tradition where a suitor is presented before women of the same physical appearance, who are covered with khangas and is to pick his would-be bride.

The couple was well accepted by both sides of the family and received overwhelming financial support for both the dowry and wedding. Fernandis’ family provided food while Georgina’s family bought the wedding cake, which made their Ksh360, 000 budget fit.

The couple also opted not to use fresh flowers and instead used ribbons to cut on costs. Similarly, Fernandis’ colleague offered to be the Master of Ceremony for their wedding for free while Georgina’s friends did the décor for a small fee.  As for the theme colours the couple chose their favourite – royal blue being him and yellow for her.

A beautiful and joyous wedding was held on April 28, 2012 at the Nairobi Chapel on Ngong Road and a reception followed later at the same venue. “We went to Mombasa for our honeymoon because we love the weather there and the serene beaches. We had the most beautiful time of our lives,” the couple concludes.

We wish them a long and happy marriage.

Published in June 2012 issue

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