Acne mistakes you keep on on repeating

  • PublishedApril 14, 2020

Almost 10% of the world’s population suffer from or has suffered from acne at some point of their lives. In their quest for better skin, people end up making mistakes that make the condition even worse. Here are thing you ought to stop doing for better skin.

Stop popping them – You might be tempted to get rid of them by yourself when they just refuse to leave, but do not. Picking at pimples exacerbates them and you transfer bacteria from one part of your face to the next.

Wrong diet -Did you know your face is a reflection of what is going on inside you? If you stick to the same sugar-filled, junk and processed food diet, your are more likely to keep suffering from acne.

Not washing your face before you sleep – Your acne gets worse if you go to bed with all that oil, dirt and residue that has clung to your face in the course of  the day. Ensure you wash your face.

You keep touching your face – This way you transfer dirt and bacteria from all the surfaces your hands has come into contact with to your face, and make things worse.

Covering them up with makeup all the time – Give your face some breathing space, especially if you have breakouts.

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