So every time you go to Pinterest you come across these oh-so-gorgeous tattoos and they keep haunting you and you have finally decided one won’t hurt – you are ready. But are you really? You might just be once you ask yourself these questions.

Do you really need one?

Or is that Pinterest and other social media speaking? Consistently seeing something can lead you to believe you need something when you actually don’t. Pinterest has been known to cause people to buy yachts when they live in deserts. So why exactly do you need one?

It has to be something you decide on your own, after all the tat is supposed to be a part of you for the rest of your life.

Does your job allow it?

Most formal spaces are gradually opening themselves up to things that were in the past considered unconventional – talk of dreadlocks, haircuts with fades, piercings, even tattoos. Some spaces are still uptight, especially when it comes to careers in law and medicine.

It is not fair to miss a huge career opportunity because of a simple tattoo, but it happens. Have your tattoo in an area you can easily conceal to avoid that.

Can you live with it?

Will you be able to look at your tattoo and smile in three, five, seven, nine years? Most people regret getting the tattoos they have, especially if it was done on impulse. Dermatologists have reported that most people who come in for tattoo removal are those who wrote the names of their then lovers. Steer clear of political tattoos too, political standing changes like the wind

Can you afford it?

Good tattoo artists do not come cheap If you have to resort to back street parlours where the equipment is not well sterilized and you are likely to get a dragon fly instead of a dragon, you are not ready for a tattoo Take some time and rethink your decisions?