A first-year JKUAT student lost her life on Thursday night after being stabbed by robbers at Seagull Hotel, Juja.

The slain lady was walking with her friend when robbers stopped them and demanded them to surrender money and their phones.

Her friends complied but the lady did not, prompting the robbers to stab her in the neck. She suffered from excessive bleeding and was pronounced dead on arrival at the JKUAT hospital.

Her case is not an isolated one. Since October, four students have lost their lives in Juja. Cases of insecurity have been high despite the presence of a police station just 100m from the school.

Students took to twitter to demand justice for the murdered students, with the hashtag #stopkillingJkuatStudents.

Some even pleaded with the thieves to stop killing students.

The student leadership sent a letter to the OCPD notifying him of a peaceful demonstration against the murder and calling the students to join in.

Part of the memo read, “this is to inform you that we will be having a peaceful demonstration in Juja Jkuat environs, on Friday 8th of February 2019 as from 9.00am.”