Are you a good role model to your kids?

Being a good role model to their kids is what most parents aspire to. Do you really want your kids to be like you? ‘The apple does not fall far

  • PublishedJuly 4, 2019

Being a good role model to their kids is what most parents aspire to. Do you really want your kids to be like you? ‘The apple does not fall far from its tree’ and ‘like father like son’ concisely adds up a family characterization and if kids go astray, their parents are often blamed. In all home activities, bear in mind that your children are looking up to you in all you do.

As parents, your roles are not just to care, provide and protect your kids but also, be a parent that your kids would love to emulate in future. Some parents were brought up in hostile environments and this could affect their own kids. However, it is more commendable to raise kids differently. You are responsible for the molding the character of your children.

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Handling your differences

How do you handle your differences as parents? When handling disagreements at home in the presence of your children, the differences should be sorted out non-violently and maturely. This will teach your children vital problem-solving skills in the future. Parents play major roles in bringing up their children and they are to a large extent responsible for their behaviour, both good and bad. Good parenting often results to kids with good traits.

Discipline comes first

Take care what you do in the presence of your children. A child that was brought up in a divorced family will most likely divorce, according to studies. Put emphasis on disciplining yourselves before disciplining our children. Always identify positive things to teach your kids like self-love, happiness, patience, togetherness, compassion and respect.

Choosing friends wisely

Do you choose who your kids associate with? Most parents are not keen on who their children hang out with. As a matter of fact, most parents  do not even know their children’s friends well. You should take the lead in advising your children on what kind of friends they should be having.

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What you do

If you always  falsify sickness to take sick leave from work, you are teaching your children it is okay absconding school in the name of being sick. After all, as aforementioned, an apple does not fall far from its tree. If you smoke and expect your children not to smoke, then you are wrong. Your children will definitely follow your example, and the same applies to drinking. In addition, parents are the ones that build. This might become generational.

Lastly, always be careful what you say to your children and what you do in their presence and examine yourself to see if you are doing the right thing.

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