Suits in the past were only made and worn by the high and mighty. They were inherently worn by men  while the woman wore long robes and veils.

Times have changed, women have also delved in the world of crafted tailored suits and they are owning it.

Here are the things that are likely to happen when you decide to wear perfectly crafted suits.

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Source: Elie Tahari

Creates  a magnificent look.

First, people will mistake you for an investigator or a lawyer. A suited lady will always attract a lot of positive comments and admiration. Don’t neglect the fact that dressing impeccably gives you a plus in all you do.

You will appear more serious and focused

Walking into an interview or office in a suit sends a signal that a respectable person has walked in. People will tend to treat you more seriously than walking in an interview wearing rugged jeans. Suits will always make you feel exemplary.

Disapproval from a section of people

As some will applaud your style, a section will make disparaging remarks about you and try to discourage you. They might even suggest that you wear dresses instead. Not everyone will agree with your mode of dressing.  Some archaic fellows still believe suits are meant for men and disapprove of them on women.

Do not listen to such negative voices. Do not give them the time of the day! Build your own brand. You do not need to please people. If someone has a problem with you wearing a suit, it’s is them with the problem, not you!

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Prone to be treated better.

When a woman is suited, people accord her special treatment and service. Their question is always, ‘Who could this person be’? People will always address you according to how you dress. It is a rule of life.

Better productivity and morale

You work better when you are confident in your dress code. Moreover, running a business in a suit will always make you feel like a boss hence having a boost in esteem and morale.

Make your suit artistic

Art is embraced automatically by nature. Treat your suit with an artistic touch. Walk in that function and let your suit speak art. The creativity behind your suits should go hand in hand with the effort behind it.  In addition, always remember to pimp you suit with classy accessories but do not over do it.

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