A car seat is the safest place to put your child during the days they tag along for your trips. They help keep them secure and comfortable throughout the journey.

Simply having one, however, does not guarantee the safety of your child. Several factors should be considered when you have a baby on board.

Choose the right direction

Place the car seat facing the rear for as long as possible during your baby's infant period. This gives them the best protection for their head, neck and spine if a crash occurs. When they are past two years, you can turn the seat to face the front and make sure to securely tether it. Also, the back middle seat is the best spot for your baby's car seat.

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Strap kids always

Before getting on the driver's seat, ensure that your child is strapped safely to the seat. Follow the car seat's manual and figure out the right way to secure them depending on the type of seat. Even when they are grown, teach them to always strap on a seat belt when in a car. Ensure all the other family members are strapped up for sure safety.

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Secure loose objects

Ensure there are no loose objects in the car that might hurt the baby in the event of a crash. Fix hanging parts and put items in their respective compartments. These include bulky toys and sharp objects that might be laying around. If you must have toys, ensure they are soft and light.

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Replace your car seat

Car seats have expiry dates too! This is often six to eight years of use. After this period, it is advisable to get a new one. It is important to replace your baby's car seat after some time, especially because they are made from plastic which weakens over time and might break under pressure.

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Take home

Your child's safety is a mandatory consideration when using the car. Protect them from avoidable injuries or fatalities by practising the above baby car sit safety tips.

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