Benefits of long distance relationships

  • PublishedAugust 1, 2019

Most people think that couples that spend every waking moments together are the ultimate couple goals. Not true. Long distance relationships come with their set of pros too. If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the following benefits of long distance relationships.

Avoiding arguments

Couples that are together often argue for the strangest reason: a misplaced sock, the temperature of the food, clothes that are not in the laundry basket, clothes that are in the laundry basket – the list is endless. This is almost unavoidable because if you are having a bad day, more often than not your partner becomes the casualty of your anger. Couples in long distance relationships do not see each other often enough to pick up baseless fights.

Nurtures trust

The place of trust in relationships can never be overemphasised. Long distance relationships requires either partner to trust the other person to make decisions that will not jeopardize their relationship.

Real love, not lust

Too much physical contact may lead a couple to think they are in love, while in fact they are head over heels in lust. Remove the physical contact out of it and the relationship loses its anchor, and it disintegrates. Long distance relationships allows the couple to cultivate genuine feelings for one another, and when physical contact comes in, it will only get stronger.

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Familiarity breeds contempt

When you and your partner see each other often, there is a likelihood that you may take each other for granted. Long distance on the other hand makes you appreciate every moment you spend together. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder?).

You develop independence

Couples who are not in close proximity to one another learn to pursue self-growth, make personal decisions and exercise autonomy in how to drive their individual lives.


Often couples that are close together let he relationship take care of itself or let one partner fight for it. Long distance relationships demand work, effort and commitment from both partners. Both of you will have to make sacrifices and go the extra mile and you will appreciate the relationship more.

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