It has become a common trend for ‘baby mamas’ to emerge the moment a prominent politician passes on. The late Ken Okoth is the latest casualty of this trend, as a lady has emerged with a five year old son allegedly Ken’s.  She has demanded that he be recognised before the burial takes place.

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Not a secret

Pictures of the five- year old have been shared online alongside his ‘father’ Ken Okoth. The Kibra MP never shied away from revealing the son’s identity to family members. A source close to the family also revealed that the child spent sometime with the family before Okoth’s death.

“Both the paternal and maternal grandparents have met the child and have lived with him for days. Ken loved his son very much and there is nothing in question,” the source reveals. An alleged inclusion of the son in the will further strengthens the argument.

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Legitimacy questioned

The legitimacy of this claims however have been questioned after Ken’s mother claimed that he never had children outside his marriage with wife, Monica Okoth.

“Ken did not sire any child. I know many women will come out to claim they have a child with him,” his mother stated.

The Kibra MP had three adopted children with wife Monica. Monica is allegedly opposing plans of recognising the child in question in the funeral advert meant to go to the dailies in the course of the week.

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His death has been marred by controversies with the paternal and maternal families having a push and pull on where the body is to be buried. His family on the other hand wants him cremated.

“The body will be left to the family, the same way as Kenneth Matiba,” NASA leader Raila Odinga said after chairing a crisis meeting with the family.