Billions pledged in support of blue economy agenda

  • PublishedNovember 29, 2018

Governments and donors from around the world pledged billions of shillings to support the implementation of the blue economy agenda.

Kenya committed to establish a blue economy bank to protect oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and the eco systems surrounding the marine life. A World Bank trust fund was also set up to manage marine litter in developing countries.

President Uhuru Kenyatta urged other leaders to support the agenda by adopting appropriate strategies and policies which will not only benefit the national economies of individual countries,  but also create job opportunities for locals.

“My administration will accelerate the development of our fisheries by increasing aquaculture, fish processing and storage capacities and related blue economy industries, ” said Uhuru.

Key pledges emerging from the summit

The World Bank trust fund received a big boost from the Swedish government which pledged Sh 3.3 billion to support the transition to the blue economy as well as develop strategies  for the conservation of marine environment.

Victory Farms Ltd East Africa promised to construct a fish hatchery with the capacity to produce 10,000 metric tonnes of fish.

Java House Africa also committed to plastic-free services in all it establishments.

Japan’s Toyota Tshusho pledged to invest in renewable energy in Africa including generation of energy from waste in Mombasa.

The summit brought together 16,320 delegates from around the world including 11 heads of state.

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