Most of us were raised in households where at breakfast, tea went with bread. The place of bread was guaranteed, if not even hallowed. But you might now find bread cliche and boring and are looking for another thrill. Or maybe you want healthier bread alternatives. Perhaps you are on a weight loss journey and want bread out of your diet. But if not bread, then what? We will tell you what:

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes deserve a place on your breakfast table. They are simple to cook, just boil them and have them with your tea. You can also explore other cooking methods if you would love to experiment. Laden with a whole range of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, they make a good alternative to bread.

Arrow roots

Locally known as nduma, arrow roots are nutritional powerhouses. Just like sweet potatoes, a good boil is enough but you can put your culinary skills at work and flavour them as you wish.

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Githeri is a mix of maize and beans. Not only is it very filling, the blend of maize and beans merges the individual benefits of each cereal. To make it more interesting, you can add irish potatoes, carrots, peas as desired.


Good ol’ rice is just the dish to replace bread especially on mornings that you just want an easy dish.

Boiled maize

Most of our childhood upcountry memories are made up of meals such as boiled maize. It is one of the most engaging, delicious yet simple breakfast accompaniment.


But who can turn down a plate of peanuts! Whether roasted or boiled, peanuts will turn the simplest breakfast into a banquet. Better still, it is among the foods that boost sex drive.

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Boiled bananas

Popularly known as matoke or ritoke, bananas are one of the best bread alternatives. You can have them boiled with their peels that you will later take off. Alternatively you can peel, and stew them, whichever way, they are delicious.

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