Fight against corruption

In a quest to fight corruption at the Marian Shrine in Subukia, Catholic Bishops banned any form of monetary gifts in form of cash donations into their churches. Instead they want the money donated either via cheques or electronically.

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The ban

Although belated, this move will help curb the transfer of illegal money from politicians and business people to church leaders. This ban will ensure that accountability is at its peak as there is going to be a follow-up on any transactions done or made. Any form of political activity in the pulpit was banned.The move will help save our churches where embezzled funds are dumped in form of church donations.The church will therefore submit full information of it’s projects,business transactions and projects making them liable to public scrutiny.

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“Henceforth, fundraisers in the church will be done by mobile money transfer or by cheque. This will avoid handling of huge amounts of cash and give a clear trail of the donors,” Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) Chairman Bishop Philip Anyolo proclaimed.

“We will keep a record of any gift given to any religious leader exceeding Sh50,000. All gifts will be accompanied by a letter,” he added.

The bishops declared that the church will not be used as political platform where politicians have been attacking and responding to their critics in churches every Sunday. They have rebuked any sinister motive to use the church for other reasons except the normal liturgical worship.

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Condemnation of politicking in churches

“We will not be used as political platforms. We will not allow any address within the church from any non-liturgical character. Such addresses will be made outside with due dignity. Political speeches will not be allowed during any liturgical celebrations,” he said.

At the Subukia National Shrine in Nakuru County, the men of clothe appeared walking bare foot. They all knelt before the altar and a moment of silence then followed. A prayer, led by the chair, condemning any kind of corruption in the church was made.

“We may appear small but can truly slay this monster and free our country from the slavery chains of corruption,” announced Anyolo.