Swedish scuba diver Volker Bassen has now offered to help Kenya Navy in the their efforts to retrieve a car that plunged into the Indian Ocean with two occupants. The car reportedly reversed off the Likoni ferry MV Harambee and later on sank. The prow of the Likoni ferry was reportedly damaged, thus offering no barrier as the car slid off.

It is now perceived that mother and daughter who had been in the car have since passed on. The combined efforts of Kenya Ferry Services and Kenya Navy  to retrieve it has so far bore no fruits.

Proper equipment

Mr Bassen, who is also the CEO of East Africa Whale-Shark Trust says he has enough equipment to not only locate the car in fifteen minutes, but also retrieve it in two hours once he has established its exact location.

He has also said that this will not be the first time that he has stepped in to help Kenya Navy officers on a body retrieval mission. After an accident in 2014 which involved a Swedish banker, Mr Bassen ostensibly helped the Kenya Navy retrieve his body from Mt Kenya’s Lake Michaelson.

Bull sharks

The Likoni channel is a habitat for bull sharks, which can be aggressive. But Mr Bassen says he has the right equipment to keep them away during his mission.

He has maintained that money has nothing to do with his offer. He wants to give the affected families closure, because he too, is a father.

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