Choosing a school in Nairobi – Factors to consider

  • PublishedOctober 4, 2019

What are the factors to consider when choosing a school in Nairobi for your child? Is it how popular it is? Other parents’ recommendations? you might actually end up getting a good school this way, it is best that you consider these  factors when choosing a school in Nairobi.


How far is the school from home and from where you work? Do they provide transport to the school? Will you have to drop the yourself and how is that convenient for you? The past few months have been awash with parents’ complaints on how early their children have to wake up in order to get to school in time. The location of the school plays a role in all this. If it is too far, the bus has to pick the kids much earlier in order for them to catch the first class.

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If there is one pet peeve most parents dread, it is their kids being sent home for school fees. It is therefore very important that you can pay the requite tuition and activity fees with some level of ease. Do not overstretch yourself.


Besides academics, and with the current syllabus geared towards promoting an all-rounded student, best find what other activities the school provides. It can be music, drama, debate club, sports and dance. They will help your child develop their talents.

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With the collapsing of a school building that led to the death of 7 students at Precious Talent, it has never been more important to check out the general infrastructure of the school you are sending your child to. The condition of the classrooms, state of washrooms, fences and proximity to the busy highways are some of the things you should take not of.


Ultimately you want your child to do well in the assessment tests. It is best to ensure the schools posts good performance and that your child will grow academically.

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