During pregnancy women experience pica- craving for things which are non- food such as soil, clay, ice cubes just to mention a few.

This is not strange during pregnancy since almost every woman craves for something ‘weird’.

Below are four reason why ice-cubes are in the list of pica for pregnant women.


Medics quote 75 per cent of expectant women struggle with morning sickness. This happens mostly during the first three months. It is nothing abnormal. Nausea is caused by pregnancy related hormones. Actually, doctors say it is a sign of a healthy and strong developing baby. Don’t panic.

In addition, pregnant women also experience bowel disorders due to craving for too much food. It is advisable to keep drinking for lots of water and friuts. Women  tend to crave ice cubes, since it is odourless and easily digested. They feel eating ice cubes will help when nausea kicks in.

Increased body heat

During pregnancy, blood volume increases by 50 per cent. The blood vessels tend to cope with the situation by dilating slightly. Hence, allowing blood to follow from the surface. Metabolic rate also stimulates heat increase in the body. It is worse if you are pregnant during summer. Therefore, expectant mothers turn to ice as a cooling agent. It chills their drinks and keeps their bodies hydrated. However, avoid sugary ice drinks.

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Acidity or heartburn is prone to strike pregnant mothers any time expecially when the pregnancy is heavy.

The reason behind heartburn during pregnancy is the hormorne progesteron and asteroid that smoothens and thickens endometrium. This affects esophagus and stomach hence relaxing its muscles making acids to flow back easily hence the burning discormfort. Ice is preffered here, to get rid of the unpleasant feeling.

Iron deficiency

The above reasons might not spike any medical attention but for this be careful. Craving ice cube, in this case, can be a sign of mineral deficiency. A study done showed anaemic pregnant women craved ice cubes more. Suffering from pica for things like clay, soil ,chalk and glue might set an alarm see the doctor. Eat a lot of foods rich in vitamin B12 like fish and eggs.