Dealing with the loss of a loved one

  • PublishedJuly 1, 2019

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult since life has its own way of giving and taking. But time has its perfect way of mending and healing. When we lose our loved ones, it is never a walk in the park. It brings pain and breaks many hearts but after all is said in done, we have to embrace the change and move on with life. Never neglect the fact that it is not easy but it is always manageable.

Walk with me as shine some light on dealing with the loss of a loved one.


Let your emotions out.

When you loose someone that meant everything to you, it can be heartbreaking, devastating and hard to believe. Crying about it has never been wrong. Be vulnerable. Tears have their unique way of washing the pain away. Don’t suppress the pain, let it be.

It might surprise you that grieving can take even years, but be free to let go of the pain when the right time comes.

Don’t compare yourself to others during this time.

Mourning your loved ones will always be handled differently by different people. Remember, we all are not the same. Never beat yourself for taking too long to heal and never blame others for healing too fast. There is no specific time frame given for grieving. Time will heal in the long run. Know where you belong and give yourself time to heal. Don’t act strong at the expense of pleasing others.

Don’t blame the situation.

Probably, what happpend was never in your control. Do not blame yourself or the situation. That can easily lead to self-denial or depression. Take the situation as it is and handle it to your capacity. Never be too hard on yourself, make that a rule of life.

Get support

Many are the times that we want to isolate ourselves during this time. It might seem that the wolrd is unfair or it has come to a stand-still. However, don’t push away people who are willing to give you emotional support and be there for you. In addition, you might go ahead and visit a therapist for mental and emotional assistance. Friends can also come in handy here, go out, have fan, talk and it will help deflate the burning pain .

Avoid alcohol or drugs.

Sometimes people think that turning to drugs would help ease the pain. However, this can lead to addiction. It is also harmful to your health hence making you suffer double pain. Drop that glass of wine and face the pain with a sober mind. It might be painful but heals with time.

Keep some memories.

Don’t brush your loved one off. Keep the good memories and revisit them time to time. You also can pen down your pain in a letter telling them how much you miss them. Thank them for the time you were together. Frame some photos and keep dates that will remind you of them. Light candles of hope for them and live with the memory.

Expose yourself to what you love doing.

Go for trips, hikes , ice-cream eating, hang out with friends. Do what you are passionate about. Occupy your mind with positive vibes. Also, choose to talk about it; you will find out that the pain is easily ebbing. That is how the healing process begins.

Choose to move on.

After time has healed you, wake up, dust yourself, pick youself up and move on with life. There might be a deep hole that cannot be refilled but chose to live with the situation and handle everything positively.

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