How to live well with your house help

  • PublishedJuly 1, 2019

House helps can be both the bane and the boon of our lives. There are people who are masters in keeping house helps, others can hardly live with one for three months. In fact, three months is a stretch for some. So what makes some people keepers? What is the secret to avoiding conflicts with the indispensable house managers? Here is how to live well with your house help.

Remember they are humans

They are prone to mistakes, man is to err. Try not to kick up a major fuss every time they get something wrong. They are not perfect.


Communication lies at the center of the success of every relationship, including your relationship with your house help. If you do not like the way something is being done, communicate with them and correct it. Remember every household has its way of doing things. Do not expect them to know how you want things done without direction. Tell your house help how you prefer things, because they cannot correct what they do not know.

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Accord her respect

House helps are people who deserve to be treated with dignity. Outside your house, they are mothers/ fathers, sisters/brothers and they deserve to be treated with respect. You lose nothing by being respectful. Watch your tone when you address them because your children will pick it. They are in charge of your household and your children when you are away, they hold an important position in your house.

Pay them well

Not only should you pay them their dues, but pay them well too. They are in your house because you probably realized how hard it is to do all chores alone and still be sane. Doing all that work is not easy for anyone, thus make sure their pay matches the amount of work they are doing. On top of it, make sure their pay comes in time. If your boss were to withhold your salary for just a few days, you would hate it. The same applies to them.

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