Discussions To Have With Your Teen Before College

  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2019

Parents have often expressed fear of what their teenagers could turn into once they join campus. Over-exposure, friends, social life and the fact that they are not there to watch over them are some of the things that worry them. Here are some of the topics you should probably discuss with your daughters and sons before they join college.

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 Time management.

Kids spend less time in class during college than they do in high school, but they’re expected to use that extra time studying. How will your teen organize herself? Where will she study? What extracurricular activities does she expect to do? Will there be partying?

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 Their hopes, fears and expectations for college.

Talk with your kid generally about how life in campus will be, ask them what they are expecting. Point out that this is a huge adjustment and they needs to nurture themselves. That they might go through anxiety and homesickness as they adapt to college life. That the remedy is connecting with others who are feeling the same way.  Are they comfortable making new friends? Reaching out for help if in need? If they has roommate problems, who can they turn to? How can talk to or do if they feel stressed or depressed? What routines and activities will help them?

Your expectations

College is life beginning anew and with it there may be new expectations. Don’t wait until you have a misunderstanding, until you are feeling let down and they are feeling that they are messed up to voice your expectations. Tell them what you expect of them; hard work with limited and purposeful fun.

 Love, sex and consent.

Girls are more vulnerable to exposure to sexual assault than boys. Educate your daughter or sonabout responsible sexual behaviour. Is it possible for them  to act with integrity and to stay safe in romantic and sexual relationships? What would that look like for your teen ? Discuss with them on dangers of unprotected sex and abstinence.

Drug Abuse

Colleges and universities are hotspots for drug abuse .Alcohol, cigarettes,  pot and many other types of drugs are easily available in campuses.Talk to your child about not giving in to peer influence of drugs. Educate them that they can go to parties and social functions without taking alcohol. Discuss the long term effects of drugs with them.

Taking care of others

Many things will happen in college, some bad .Teach your teens that college is where we learn to be there for our friends. Before college, families were at hand to help out. From college onward close friends almost become like family. This is the time to tell your kids the importance of taking care of others, of being there when they are needed, and of being the kind of friend they hope to have.


We’ve often heard cases of killings in campuses.Teach your child about safety in and out of school. Inform them that they should be able to get to their residences early enough, and walk in groups while out at night. Your teens can’t be prepared for everything, but they can be careful and mindful of their surroundings, and they can research the safety of their school before they go. Talk to them about watching out for others, making a safe community themselves, and knowing how to get help on campus.

Mental health

It is in college that many teenagers are in danger of depression because of various issues. Stay close to your child even after they join college. They need  to know when and how to reach out for help from a friend or counselor.

Tell them you are proud of them and happy to be his parent.

Assure your child that you love them, care for them and will always be there for them. Be sure they know that you mean it when you say that they can call you any time for any reason at all. Tell them you have confidence in their  judgment.

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