Socks are often the most ignored clothing item in a man’s closet. This however shouldn’t be the case as they can easily ruin an outfit. Various things should be put into consideration when choosing a pair of socks to wear. This includes its length, texture and material. Some men do not wear socks altogether and by doing this, they unintentionally ruin their shoes. They are also intended to keep the feet comfortable and prevent them from sweating. By not wearing socks, one exposes their feet to dampness and this could lead to a foot infection. Here are some of the ways to properly pair your socks


No-show socks are often saved for shoes that are traditionally not worn with socks. Shoes such as loafers and boat shoes have an unwritten law down that states that one should not wear them with socks. Since necessity is the mother of invention no-shows were created to cater for the feet in such a situation. During hot days, it is highly likely that your feet will sweat. If this happens then the no-show is there to cater to you. They feel comfortable and help with the sweating preventing the foot and shoe from stinking.


Anklets, as the name suggest, are intended to just cover the ankle bone. They are best worn with trainers, this is because they are casual. Anklets normally don’t really add much to the outfit. They are used to protect the ankles from seeming too bare. For example if wearing cropped baggy jeans with Air force 1s, anklets provide the perfect cover to your ankles. It does not compete the jeans or the shoes.

Mid calf and calf length

Mid calf socks provide the perfect balance of casual and official outfits. Because of this balance they are best paired with denim and chinos as they are more or less the same. They can work for official functions but are however not recommended if fully suited. This is because dress pants are often tagged upwards when one sits. If the mid calf is of poor quality and droops then the bare leg tends to be exposed. Calf length socks are thus recommended for an official look. They reach up to the calf and prevent the exposure of your bare leg.

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